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Health Care Management Of Pups(강아지 펫키지 보험 )

  • Health Care Management Of Pups:


The newborn dog baby is called pup/puppy. Although puppies are cute, the first two weeks of their lives are very crucial and you may find it a difficult job to look after them. Following steps should be taken to keep them healthy during the start of their journey in this world. 강아지 수술 비용

  • During the first three weeks, the bitch should be fully devoted to puppies because puppies cannot maintain their body temperature during this period.
  • Create a separate den for dams and puppies with soft bedding.
  • Replace the bedding regularly.
  • Allow the puppies to feed their mother’s milk.
  • Help them to suck milk by placing them close to nipples.
  • Make sure that all the puppies are drinking milk by checking that all nipples are in healthy conditions and are producing milk.
  • If a puppy refuses to nurse, you may have to teach it, how to suck by holding a nipple and squeezing a little milk in his mouth. Once the puppy gets a taste of milk, it will generally begin to nurse.
  • If the litter is small in number, Make sure that puppies are nursing from all nipples. If not, place them on different nipples during 24 hour period.
  • If the litter is large, check that all the puppies are nursing. Try to put the smaller or weaker puppy near the breast first for feeding as they often get pushed away by larger puppies.
  • If puppies are not getting enough milk (it can be due to large litter or less milk volume being produced) use supplemental feeding of dams milk substitute is necessary for proper growth.
  • On day 4, the sharp ends of the puppy’s nails should be trimmed. As nails grow sharp quickly so should be trimmed weekly thereafter.
  • Keep an eye on the anal region of puppies, Normally Dam licks regularly and keeps them clean, but if she does not, the anal area may become clogged. If this happened, clean with cotton and Luke warm water.
  • Bitch should be checked daily to see that her health is good and milk is not discolored and that puppies are not scratching her teats.
  • Offer them semi-solid feed after 3 weeks and after 6weeeks they are able to eat a solid diet. 강아지보험.info


  • Orphan Puppies:

The puppies who lost their mother or whose mother is not able to nurse them should be kept in a separate box where the temperature is very carefully maintained at body temperature. 85°F – 90°F should be maintained on the first day and gradually lower the temperature up to 80 °F by the 7-10 day and up to 72°F by the end of 4th week. Clean them with a soft cloth moistened in Luke warm water. Offer them milk substitute prepared at body temperature and feed them with help of bottled feeders. During the first 2 weeks, newborns spend most of their time sleeping so don’t disturb them other than for cleaning and feeding.

  • Weaning:

The process of gradually shifting the puppies from mother’s milk to a solid growth diet is called weaning. In dogs, weaning is done at the age of three to four weeks, when puppies start to develop their teeth. Weaning can be delayed up to six weeks of age, but it’s always better to wean the pups as early as possible. Early weaning will remove stress from the mother and she will return to normal life earlier which will be good for her health.

Normally, a puppy becomes an adult at the age of one to two years. It also varies with size, breed, socialization, diet, and many other factors. Every puppy is unique and being an adult is a continuous process. So all the puppies, from the same mother may not become adults at the same time.

Now if you bring an adult dog or you have raised your puppies, to keep them healthy you must consider the following aspects.